This is an opportunity to earn income without having to purchase monthly autoship of product as required by MLM.

Become one of our numerous Micro-Business Referral Distributors.
This mean you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. This is an opportunity to earn income without having to purchase monthly autoship of product as required by MLM. To join the program, simply purchase this registration package. As a referral distributor, you can earn up to 30% income on sales of products. When you refer others to join as an MBRD, you earn 10% of their registration fee.

Here are the steps to become one of our Referral Distributors:

  • Must be a member of one of our Health Forums (we can provide you access). This will help you get acquainted with what other people are saying about the product and their experiences.
  • Must experience Immunocal personally by using it and feeling it’s effect or relatively through someone close to you who have used it and you’re familiar with it’s effect on them.
  • Write your story of your or their experience for us to approve. At this point, we will add you to a group for training purposes so that you can understand you role and responsibilities in the Forum you manage and how your comments on the Forum can produce sales.
  • Use your experience to gather about 50 contacts. Once you’re ready, we will then create a WhatsApp or Telegram Group for you and make you the distributor an Admin. You will then add all your contacts. You will publish your story to the group. Then, we support you by answering all medical questions. Also, we will be publishing health tips and health articles periodically to stimulate interests in the products.
  • Notice that so far you have not committed any money to the business because we don’t want to tie down your money. We want you to experience a successful business venture.
  • Immediately people start demanding where to purchase products and you are comfortable with the level of demand and we are also confident about the people’s demands, you can then request to become a distributor. Make you payment for the starter kit and start the business.
  • A registration ID code will be issued to you after your payment. You will need the code to always purchase product at distributor price. You will also need the code to refer your friends or others who also meet the same requirement to join the referral distributor program. You will make 10% of the starter kit of anyone who join the business through you as an incentive to you.
  • Once active, we will be directing all inquiries from your area to you so that you can make sales to them or refer them to join the program. You can also add more people to your Forum.
  • If a person you refer also become a referral distributor, you make 10% of their starter kit in addition to the profit margin on the product.
  • No monthly registration, no monthly autoship of product is required to remain active. Simply be active by referring or selling product to at least two person per month.
  • If you’re inactive for any 90 days consecutively, you will become inactive and be required to reactivate by paying a reactivation fee.
  • You are active as long as you refer at least two persons monthly or make a personal product purchase at distributor price to sell at retail price.
  • All transactions are done online.

Earn income without the usual autoship monthly product purchase with our Micro-Referral Distributor program. Be in business for yourself but not by yourself.


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