To understand the relationship between THE NEW HOPE and Malaria,it is good to understand alittle bit of Malaria life cycle.

Immediately malaria parasite enters into the body from a mosquito it travels (as what is called sporozoite) all way into the liver.

Normally, an enhanced optimal immune system should see the parasite before it gets into the liver and destroys it but the parasite becomes successful in its journey when it evades the immune system in most cases because the immune system is weak. This is one area where THE NEW HOPE helps considerably by building the immune system so that it’s able to destroy the sporozoite parasite before it gets into the liver.  When the parasite successfully gets into the liver, the parasite incubates (as hypnozoites) and multiply and destroys the liver cells to enter back into the blood stream. In the blood stream, malaria infects the red blood cells (as merozoites) and destroys it one after the other. This is possible because the immune system is weak. Also, once the liver function is weak due to invasion of malaria in the liver cells, this further makes the immune system becomes weaker. Malaria (merozoites) destroys the red blood cells is the reason Doctors always ask to do Full Blood count as part of your malaria treatment to determine the extent of the infection and offer a prognosis.


All anti-malaria drugs simply targets and destroys the parasite (the merozoites) but does not destroy the malaria in the liver (hypnozoites) and does not repair the damages already to the liver and to the red blood cells.
This is where the new hope comes into play. IMMUNOCAL simply repairs and protects body cells against diseases by enhancing the Immune System – NAFDAC 2014. This is a new hope in 4 critical ways:
1. By repairing the immune cells, Immunocal strengthen the Immune system to recognize the parasites in the blood and destroys it before invading the liver cells.
2. In repairing the cells, Immunocal helps clear out those malaria parasites (hypnozoites) incubating in the liver cells to stop recurrence of malaria.
3. By strengthening the Immune system, Immunocal helps clear out the parasites in the blood stream (merozoites) stopping them from destroying the red blood cells.
4. Immunocal helps repair the liver cells to ensure full liver function in supporting the Immune System for optimal response.
The answer is NO. Immunocal is NOT an anti-malaria drug. Immunocal does NOT contain any chemical that destroys the parasites directly in its various forms. Immunocal simply repairs body cells and as such enhances the optimal response of the Immune system to deal with the malaria parasite. Thus, Immunocal simply support our GOD given defence, enhance it against malaria.
The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES. We can use Immunocal along with ANY anti-malaria combination drugs such as LONART.
One major advantage with this approach is that Immunocal help mitigates the adverse effects of such medications considerably so that the drugs efficacy can be better pronounced. Moreover, as mentioned, Immunocal help clear the Liver of the parasites that incubates in order to stop recurrence. Even though Immunocal is NOT an anti-malaria drug in the sense of killing the parasites directly, Immunocal does help considerable to ensure better health in stopping stubborn malaria, prevent recurrence, mitigate drug’s adverse effects etc.
Please, recommend using Immunocal to your family and friends along with any anti-malaria drugs, you’ll be amazed at the feedback you will obtain from them. You never know, you could help save some lives.